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The process of rooting your android smartphone will vary with every model and the underlying current android OS installed. Basically, rooting is relied upon by the developers in the form of a security bug that is exploited for loopholes in the firmware. The discovery of the exploit itself is tedious as the manufacturers have been taking extra precautions in defending their android versions against rooting.

Once the exploit has been sought and fully understood, it is possible to make a custom recovery image that can be flashed on to the ROM of your smartphone device. Such flashing is expected to skip the digital signature checks whenever there is a firmware update available for the android on your smartphone model. All that is required after that is the modified firmware version updated that can be flashed on to the ROM. This firmware is typically known to include the utilities needed to run the apps with the root level access and permissions.

As an example, let us understand with an example of su binary. This can be copied on to a location on the process path like /system/xbin and then can be given execute level access so that it can be readily run as an executable. You can make use of the Linux’s popular chmod command in order to modify the permissions of this binary file. There is also a requirement of the supervisor application like the SuperSU and SuperUser in order that these apps can regulate and log the elevated and special permission requests that come in from the other applications that are required to have the root level of access.

The Android Rooting process itself might be simple or complex and it is also possible that the complexity of the process is based on the serendipity. For instance, anything and everything that was typed on the keyboard of the HTC Dream android phone model was translated into a command that required elevated access of root permissions as it used to target the secured shell for execution.

Although action was take upon by Google on a quick need basis, there was still a leak in the signed image of the old firmware. This gave an opportunity for the root developers in order to downgrade to the earlier version and use the original technique in order to perform android rooting. The process of android rooting is also relatively simpler and easy to use on the Google branded flagship phones and equivalent tablet computers.

The mobile phone models like Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus come under this umbrella along with the tablets like Nexus 7 and Nexus 10. These can be boot loader unlocked easily. You just have to connect these models to your laptop while in the boot loader mode. Then you have to type in the command fast boot oem unlock. There shall be a warning displayed on each of these devices, past which the boot loader is unlocked and from there on it is possible for the new system images to be installed and flashed.


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Soundcloud profile attracts listeners with its variety of music which ranges from remixes to the current trends. Further the profile brings in fans that are looking for particular tags or track recommendations. Making them listen to your music and respond favorably is the difficult part that you need to handle properly if you want your marketing campaign to take off well.

Paying Attention to the Basics

Images and titles always form part of a best Soundcloud service. Images are what most people see first when they go to a site. Having a well-designed and exceptionally crafted album art will impart a professional look and create a lasting impression on the visitor. Similarly titles too should be focused upon. You need to take care of the factors like:

1) Identity
2) Track title
3) Genre

With a best Sound Cloud service that includes all the above factors designed to perfection, you can expect an increase in your followers and fans gamely. The way you design your images and the titles will determine the traffic to your site. Visiting other profiles and understanding what attract you most in their profile will help you grasp the pertinent details that you need to add to your own profile. Including trendy sounds, designs, and rhythms will grab the attention more.

Instant Attraction

When you have the best Soundcloud service for your profile, it is easy to attract listener and get them glued on to your site. The conversion rate is better with a consequent increase in downloads, comments, and likes. Further with a best Soundcloud service, it becomes easy for the listeners to identify your profile. In addition to the design of the profile, pay close attention to the introduction you create. The introduction should look different, eye-catching, and hook the attention of the listener instantly.

Genre certainly Counts

Though artists do not like to be bound by any limitations, genre makes a difference in how their music is received. Classifying things give a better clarity and perceptiveness than any generalization can bring. This is true in case of music too. Soundcloud marketing campaign can take off in a great way only when you assign a genre to your music. Listeners usually search by means of the artists’ name or the genre they are looking for. If you want to show up in the search and get noticed, genre is a must thing for you.

Creating a Buzz

When you have ensured that your track is of good quality and the image, title, bio, and other relevant details are seen to properly, the next important step is to create a buzz that will attract listeners to your profile. Making good use of print magazines and music blogs, as well as digital magazines for featuring reviews of your music before you release it online will create the necessary buzz you need.

When you have the best Soundcloud service, you can collaborate easily with other artists and increase your presence online. Sharing works in progress in confidence and ensuring their quality is intact till they are released is also another positive feature of Soundcloud service. Besides, there are various other benefits that you get from being part of the Soundcloud community.


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Once in your life you feel that you’re flying high on the seventh sky, you feel out of the world. The feeling makes you shiver down your spine and you realize that this is a feeling you have never been through ever.

You feel that you wish to share it with your partner, discuss your sorrows your dreams your aims your aspirations and it strikes you all over again; this exceptional feeling is Love garnered by an exhilarating and warm day termed as Valentine’s Day where your Valentine is the person you Love and want to share your life with; for the rest of your life. There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.

Is it your first Valentine’s Day?

• For new couples this day might seem an awkward one, as you are just very new in the relationship. Expressing your love, spending time is quite an issue as of now because it’s all fresh and crisp.
• Discuss and ask your partner what they want to do on the day and make it special for both of you.
• Be honest and express your fears about the whole situation, how you feel and you wish to spend your valentine with your valentine.
• If you want to spend this day with your mundane routine then you can go about it, it isn’t that big an issue.
• If you want to celebrate and your partner also agrees to it then chalk out a good plan which isn’t boring and favorable for the two of you where both of you would enjoy and not get bored.
• If you want to exchange gifts then ask for preferences and if not then scrap this idea as gifts aren’t a necessity but a formality factually.
• Decide what you would tell at home if you choose to spend the day with your partner, discuss it in a proper and scheduled manageable way which is easy and not complex.
• Handle the situation collaboratively.

Never let your partner be sad on this day, though each day can turn out to be a Valentine’s Day if you want it to make one but as the trend has kept going, therefore, it would continue to be the same for the succeeding years to come. Your partner wants to feel special not materialistically but emotionally and you can make it special.

• Write a letter
• Make a short video
• Make a card
• If you are creative, craft out a small love gift yourself
• Make a photo collage
• Do it up yourself

Nothing materialistic would do here nor is it recommended. If you try making the day special you then it would work wonders for your partner. Your loved one would expect at least something for you so don’t let the expectations fade away but strive to make it worthwhile.


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It always helps brands and individuals to plan beforehand and then to act accordingly to achieve desired goals. If the objective of the corporate is to promote their merchandise in such a way that an additional amount of people will show interest in using the products, they can shift to the social media for the purpose of marketing.

Since online marketing through social networks is easier, cheaper and more favorable by the modern man, taking over to web sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc will only do more good than harm to the marketing of the merchandise.

Off late, Instagram has become the leading social marketing strategy with more than 150 million active users per day and above 90 million users overall. On Instagram, marketing is done based on visual and picture updates. Instagram allows a profile or account to have followers, and the number of followers in turn determines the popularity of the account. Having a wide range of followers is the key to successful marketing.

Here are certain tips to get instagram followers on your account to contribute to product promotion and expansion of market.

1. Mention the “following instructions” in your bio on Instagram People on Instagram love to follow for follow that is they follow you, if you follow them. Give people a reason to follow you, and they will.

2. Follow people who you think will follow you. Go to the explore option and look for tags like #shoutout #follow4follow #instagood #TagsForLikes #FollowAll. These are some of he most popular hashtags used on the website and tagging them can get the account an astounding amount of followers.

3. Make sure you have more number of people following you than the number of people that you follow. It gives a certain standard to the profile and shows good status of the user. InstaFollow and JustUnfollow are two apps that can help you track unfollowers and you can always flush the ones that unfollow you.

4. Keep your profile updated with new, day-to-day pictures. Make it a point to post at least one picture per day. Having more pictures keeps the profile fresh and gives it an interesting look.

5. Change the tags for your pictures on a regular basis. Changing tags helps new people stumble upon your pictures more often. Using popular tags makes it even better since it means more number of people viewing your profile and thus viewing what you have to offer.

6. Posting at peak hours. Posting at hours when the Instagram traffic is stuffed will help the company or person market their goods with ease. Use Statigram to find out peak timings and post accordingly.

The above tips will help any label wanting to promote their product and an individual aiming to become popular on Instagram. In the field of marketing not just the quality but quantity also is given equal importance. Hence, for lucrative and rewarding branding, the number of people that find your posts amusing has to be really high. So get going and apply these tips and find your stairway to fame.


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