Razor Hovertrax: Futuristic Automobile!

Spacey, edgy, and fun are words that come to my mind when I see self balancing scooters. We are certainly people who take conveniences and technology to new heights. It is hard not to want this device after watching anyone cruise by on it rather zany but unique creation.

These new revelations in the gadget world are a brilliant technological advancement in the way each invention intends to take steps to an innovative future. Even the recent Segway is now a little passe when compared to the self balancing scooters. Segway is one of the best self balancing scooter brand. These automobiles are often referred to as hover boards because they give the impression that the person cruising on them is a few feet off the ground.

razor hovertrax red

What a Razor Hovertrax has to offer?

  1. Apart from the ability to steal many eye glances, it has the ability to make movement seem fluid and fast which I like the most
  2. The inbuilt Gyro-sensor technology benefits in learning this device faster and makes the device more maneuverable
  3. This is a fast machine and can go 6 mph/10 km/h approximately
  4. It has a body that is built with a shatter resistant polymer frame which makes it sturdy and robust to be on
  5. With the help of the manual, one can easily learn to use this automobile and soon become a master at it like I did
  6. The dual hub electric motors definitely facilitate a smooth and silent ride
  7. With the anti-slip foot platform and the ability to control movement by each foot independently, it sure does make handling the device a lot smoother.
  8. The element of entertainment and fun for all is heightened because it caters to the age group of 13 and above
  9. With this futuristic automobile, you can have the freedom of movement indoors and outdoors like I perform

Razor package includes

  1. A manual with detailed description of the device and its handling
  2. A charger
  3. A warranty of 90 days for any manufacturing defects

Technical aspect of the Razor Hovertrax:

  1. Its dimensions are 25 x 9 x 9 inches which really indicates that it is broad enough to hold the ground and narrow enough to look sleek
  2. Lithium ion batteries can be charged very quickly. The battery power indicator, balance level indicator, and battery charger all add to the cohesive functioning
  3. It can hold a weight if 220 lb/ 100 kg, making it accessible to almost anyone.
  4. The device can be used for about 115 minutes on full charge.
  5. A 360 degree seamless spin is possible with the shift of a foot as it glides fluidly
  6. It comes with the benefit of being certified for safety

Star Features:

  1. The anti-slip foot platform is accurately placed on the foot board to ensure a sturdy grip. It prevents injuries and aids in better control. Its design is stylish and adds panache to the entire look of the automobile.
  2. The shatter resistant polymer frame aids in keeping the device from any detrimental damage.
  3. The rather uniquely designed wheel hubs are rounded outwardly to prevent any flying debris from causing damage to the device.
  4. Dealing with manufacturing defects in the 90 day warranty scheme makes it a feature that very few competing devices have.
  5. The Razor Hovertrax has the ability to stay in sync with every move because of the gyro-sensor feature. This simply means that through this technology the device can judge each angular turn and make for a fluid ride. The Gyro-sensor is one of the main balancing algorithms that make the Razor Hovertrax stand out.
  6. The Dual motors are two electrical motors that drive each wheel independently which work in tandem with the patented gyro sensor technology to make the ride inevitably smooth and a dream.
  7. The Razor Hovertrax is a design genius that spurs from a multinational company which is renowned in the field. So, it has the added benefit of adequate backing and resources needed for better customer support.

The Razor Hovertrax is a dream for me:

  1. Because it is targeted at making every mundane routine an adventure
  2. It adds a fun element to maneuvering indoors and outdoors which I find very handy
  3. It was created for teens and above to find fun and entertainment in any environment and I can very well experience the same
  4. It is easy to learn with the detailed manual and can be mastered in no time
  5. It is fast and can save precious time
  6. The solid colors and design are a beauty and very futuristic!

The Drawbacks

  1. Even though the body is reinforced with the shatter resistant polymer, it does not prevent scratches. Beware to extend a little caution to the environment, especially if you are new to it.
  2. Compared to other devices within the category, the fact that it allows you to only use the device for 115 minutes which may be a glitch in terms of usability.
  3. The fact that it does not come with LED lights or a Bluetooth device is a bit of a dampener for gadget lovers like me.

Yes, the few cons cannot weigh down the many pros the Razor Hovertrax has. It makes life easier and changes the way you commute. This smart device caters to the epic rider and its appeal is accelerated with the speed and technology that aids agility. If I have to opine, I must say this device in a nutshell is worth the buck!! Read self balancing scooter reviews before purchasing it.