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The Period Of Hope And Happiness: Christmas Celebration

One of the main reasons of celebrating this festival is it is in the honor of the birth of Jesus Christ and important day for Christian community. This day is also known to ne Bada Din or Xmas. It also includes exchanging gifts with the loved ones and friends which is considered to be the traditional way to celebrate it. One of the common thing during this Christmas season is the decorating the houses with light, lanterns and fancy ornaments.

Christmas Celebration

On the presence of the almighty Jesus this festival is celebrated with full faith, trust and enthusiasm. The colors which are been used in decorating the houses has in history linked with it. The most commonly used colors on this occasion are gold, red and green. Golden color symbolizes royalty which is one of the gifts of the Magi out of three.

The second is the red color which states the blood of Jesus which is shed out during his crucifixion. And the last is the green color which symbolizes the nature and eternal life like the evergreen trees which does not shed it leaves in the winter.

On this occasion people come up with various innovative ideas in decorating their workplaces and houses. There are lots of unique art pieces which are being used as expressing thoughts. Even these artworks are being used in the exchanging gifts with their closed ones. Even to decorate their houses people buy paintings for their living place and work place.

There are various types of paintings available in the market and becomes quite easy for the customers to choice among them. Except paintings other various decoration material are also available in the market. These decorations enlighten the houses and spread the joy all around. People come together and enjoy the festival with great happiness.The other tradition on this occasion and tradition is to sing the Christmas carols. They even offer services to the holy churches. The tradition which is considered to get new happiness and hope in the life of the people is by lighting candles at homes and in churches. The celebration of Christmas is incomplete without the taste if nice food. People invite their friends and closed ones on lunch and dinner. Various types of delicious and mouth watering food is made at everyone place.

There are various dishes like chocolates, cakes, curries, pastries and many other food items to delight in. Some of the people make Christmas cakes at homes as the recipes are easily available online whereas some of them order from their favorite bakery.

The Christmas celebration in total includes good food, exchanging Christmas greeting cards and gifts, churches, corals and decorations. One of the very common things is the painting of the Jesus Christ which is in great demand during this holy festival of Christmas. Other paintings which are in demand are landscape painting, religious painting, abstract painting and Jesus Christ painting. This festival brings all the people together and enjoys it with the fun and enthusiasm.