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Different Plans For Different Vimeo Requirements

Vimeo as we all know is a platform where you will find creative minds coming together and appreciating each other’s body of work. But there are various layers to it. In fact, it starts with the basic Vimeo account which is the free of cost account and then you will be able to enjoy the Plus or PRO upgrade depending on what your requirements are.

If you just need your customers to be aware of what you do then you don’t need to pay anything for that. You can use the platform for free if you are uploading video for sharing information only without any direct selling. Sharing of information through the platform of Vimeo is made possible for free of cost. But in case you want to avail multiple features and engage in the marketing of your product online on Vimeo then you will have to upgrade to either the Plus account or the PRO account.

Vimeo Video

If you are satisfied with the 500 MB of storage capacity that this platform provides with 720 pixels HD video then you can stick to the free account on Vimeo else you have to move on to the next level in video streaming. Each week you will be allowed to upload only 1 HD video if you are using the free account. But the one thing that lies common in all the three accounts is that it allows you to buy Vimeo views as per your need without restriction.

The Plus and the PRO

In order to showcase your video better, here are two options that will enhance your video storing capacity and video streaming ability too. Vimeo Plus is one of the features that you can avail where you will be receiving 5GB of video storage each week. With the help of this feature you will be able to upload any video clip or short video and that too in High Definition (HD).

Though the limit is enough to store loads of videos, but then also if you risk of running out of space, there is no need to worry at all because the storage of 5 GB limit is revived to the capacity after every 7 days automatically. When you are using the Plus upgrade you can upload unlimited numbers of HD videos without any hitches. It doesn’t restrict itself to that, only instead it allows embedding of the videos in other blogs as well as websites too.

Therefore, you can make use of this Plus upgrade for hosting the personal website of yours or you can also host your portfolio or the project. It is priced at $9.95 each month or yearly you can pay $59.95.

If your requirement for storage capacity is even bigger than the Plus upgrade, then you can opt for the PRO upgrade. In order to enhance your creativity to the most, here is what PRO has to offer you. It will provide you with 50B of storage, unlimited time video plays and 1080 pixels video in HD. You will get all this for $199 yearly. Therefore, first think about your requirement and then opt for one of the options.