What Is Diwali And Why Do We Celebrate It?

Every Indian festival gives a message for the Indians and Diwali, being such a big and old festival is sure to convey a message to the Indians. Few lines about the origin of Diwali will help to understand the underneath message of Diwali. The implication of the history and the origin of Diwali has the motive of the festival enclosed within and to understand that, the story line understanding of the origin of Diwali is very important.


Story Line

The first Diwali was said to be observed by the people of Ayodhya after their prince and the future came back to their kingdom after traversing a period of fourteen years in the forest for following the orders of his stepmother, Kaikayee. In those fourteen years, his wife and the future queen of Ayodhya, Sita was made captive by the demon Ravana and Rama fought a tough battle to get back his wife from the captivation of Ravana. Diwali or the festival of light was arranged by the people of Ayodhya to show their honor, love and affection to their prince and his nature and attributes.

The Message

Light is the ingredient to put aside the darkness and the darkness is the symbol of negative forces and illusive elements or energies. Ravana is considered here as the symbol of darkness or a mind affected by the illusion. A mind affected by illusion is diverted from the truth and is boosted up with negative forces.

That negative forces puts a force on the mind to search joy and pleasure from the golds and lust. Continuous accumulation of those material objects makes the person and the mind of his boastful and then becomes greedy to see anything of such materialistic nature which is not owned by himself.

Ravana was of the same nature. He found Sita and his illusion composed mind found her to be a substance of lust and thus Rama had to kill him to convey a message to the world that the lusty person are not the heroes and they cannot be.

Thus Diwali gives a threefold message to the entire society. The first one is to identify the illusion and put it aside as illusion has nothing to give to a person, which is really a material or experience for rejoicing. The lights that are ignited in the form of Diya in Diwali is the symbol of this message only, where the lights are enlightened on that night to serve a message that the entire mankind is on the journey to put aside the illusion of mind to make it enlightened with the light of the truth.

The second message of the festival of Diwali is the honor for the women and the strict message to the mankind goes to omit the lust from the mind about women and also tells that the lusty mind has a strong punishment waiting for him. The third message is that, how much powerful one can be for the illusion strengths or material strengths, the strength of life and truth is much powerful than that. Light destroys the illusion in a fraction of second and that is the key message here. Ravana was the most powerful person on the world, but for truth, the physical strength has no strength at all.